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    Formless + Void: “Now the earth was formless and void, darkness was over the surface of the deep, and the Spirit of God was hovering over the waters." (Genesis 1:2). There is an old Hebrew term, "Ruah," which means "spirit or breath of God." It is this same spirit that hovers over the water in the beginning; it is also the breath of life that God breathes into Adam, making him a living being. This R U A H is life itself. We survive only because this spirit is within us. What does wind do to water? It creates ripples. It changes everything. When God breathed life into all of creation, His Ruah put everything into motion. Even life itself.

    Fiat Lux: “And God said, ‘Let there be light,’ and there was light” (Genesis 1:3). These are the very first spoken words in the Bible (and in fact, the sound wave pictured reflects this bible verse). In the original Latin Vulgate translation, the words are: “Dixitque Deus: Fiat lux. Et facta est lux.” In the beginning, God spoke life over all the earth, with His own voice He brought all creation into being. Those first sound waves rippled across the entire universe and showed us the effect and power that words can have over our lives. If anything, the Lord is showing us how we use our voice matters, what we say matters. Are you speaking life?

    The Paradox:The story for most people is such that they are born, they live, and then they die. Much like a heartbeat, their life follows a pattern as they live according to the culture — a consistent rise and fall — that ultimately leads to a flatline, to death. Yet we know, "We always carry around in our body the death of Jesus, so that the life of Jesus may also be revealed. For we who are alive are always being given over to death for Jesus’ sake." (2 Corinthians 4:10). And this is the great Paradox of the Christian life. A complete reversal of what the world tells us to be true; Jesus shows us that death does not have the final say. Rather, in embracing our suffering for the sake of the kingdom, we enter into life that is eternal.

    Mary + Taco = Perfection: Need we say more? 


    Deep Calls to Deep: "Deep calls to deep in the roar of your waterfalls; all your waves and breakers have swept over me." Psalm 42:7. Within every human heart is a deep desire to be loved, which can only be matched by the depth of God's love for us. As the depth of one calls to the depth of the other, there is a collision. A perfect cataclysm so satisfying that no other lesser love will suffice.

    Talitha Koum: “Little girl, I say to you, arise” (Mark 5:41). Jesus spoke these words to a young girl who had died and He brought her back to life. In the same way, Jesus reaches His hand down to each one of us and tells us to leave death behind and to have new life in Him. What in your life is killing you? Is it vice? Bad habits? Relationships leading you away from Heaven? What has you down on the floor, seemingly lifeless? Trust in His steady hand. Take it, hold onto it, and begin your walk with Him. He does not just heal the sick, He raises the dead to life. Arise.

    Feminine Genius: "...and then God made woman." Genesis 2:22. His crowning act of creation from the humble rib of a man. In 1995, Saint Pope John Paul II reflected on the feminine genius in his "Letter to Women." Her genius lies in her humility, her willingness to embrace the hearts of others, her ability to acknowledge the whole person, and her desire to serve without counting the cost. With Mary as the highest expression of this feminine genius, woman offers herself as she did in "service of love." Mother. Wife. Daughter. Sister. Consecrated. Caretaker. Helper. Working Woman. Single Woman. Every Woman. Her genius is a gift through which the world will more fully come to know His profound and multi-faceted love for us.

    amdg.: short for 'ad majorem Dei gloriam.' meaning 'all for the greater glory of God.' simply put, there is no greater calling, no more worthy a purpose than to radically order every aspect of our being & our lives towards His glory. period. end of story.

    Kolbe Typewriter: This sticker was inspired by St. Maximilion Kolbe. Who was Kolbe? Maximilion Kolbe was a priest who gave his life for another man in the concentration camps of Poland during WWII. Whenever a prisoner escaped the concentration camp of Auschwitz, the Nazis would punish the inmates by randomly killing ten of them. During one of these random selections the Nazi guard chose a man who immediately dropped to his knees begging for his life for the sake of returning to his wife and family. The soldier paid no heed to this request until Kolbe stepped out of line and volunteered his life in place of the other man. The guards agreed and took the life of Kolbe in place of the other man. The man whose life Kolbe saved, survived the concentration camps and made it home to his family. He was in attendance along with his family at the Vatican City when Maximilion Kolbe was made a saint.So what's the deal with the typewriter? Maximilion Kolbe was a revolutionary in the Church at that time because he used the typewriter to evangelize. During a time when people demonized the media of the typewriter, he used it for God's glory. His Auschwitz prisoner numbers were "16670", which is why those digits are the ones typed onto the typewriter on the pocket. May his sacrifice and legacy live on.

    I am Jonah: We are all Jonah. We all run from God, whether with our whole life or just part of it. Either way, all this does is put us in the belly of a whale. If not for God's goodness, we'd be stuck there. And yet, The Lord had so much more in store, not just for Jonah, but for the people of Nineveh, whom God needed him to share his story with to bring about their repentance and salvation. You can run, but you cannot hide from the Father's plan for you. Embrace your story & share it. Or sit inside a whale. It's probably comfortable there.


“My mission of being in the heart of the people is not just a part of my life or a badge I can take off; it is not an “extra” or just another moment in life. Instead, it is something I cannot uproot from my being without destroying my very self. I AM MISSION ON THIS EARTH”

 - Pope Francis - 

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