We desire to awaken culture through truth

Paradigm is all about life. It is the pattern we live by and the lens through which we see the world. Some see with a clear and pure lens, and others have a lens that is a little cloudy. Truth in our culture has become distorted. It has become something that is adaptable to each individual, depending on his or her desires and needs. However, the fact is that truth cannot be molded or changed. Truth has been foundational since the beginning of time. Our mission at Paradigm Clothing is to clean the lens that the world looks through – making truth clear and definitive once more.


Our culture is asleep. We desire to awaken culture through truth. We will do that by presenting clothing with a somewhat hidden message. Clothing that uses art and style to subtly convey a deeper meaning. Our world longs for something different, something fulfilling, something worth living for. It longs for the promise that Christ gave: to “have life to the fullest” (John 10:10). In order for this “something different” to happen, there needs to be a paradigm shift in the minds and hearts of our culture. The lens through which we view life needs to undergo a transformation. Paradigm Clothing is not the agent of change that will bring about this transformation, but is a tool that will be used by the agents of change. We as the Church must be the change we want to see in the world. We are the agents of change. It is time for a paradigm shift.

"Do not be afraid. Do not be satisfied with mediocrity…Truth must be the foundation stone, the cement to solidify the entire social edifice." John Paul II


Crazy Californians

We are a husband and wife team, along with the CEO leadership of our 3 beautiful children Cyrus, Eliana, and Claira. We work this ministry from our own home storing our clothes in our “backyard factory” (aka studio). We live in sunny San Diego where I grew up surfing and skating and eventually went to school at the Franciscan University of Steubenville and met my incredibly holy (and hot) wife and somehow convinced her to move from Michigan and marry this beach bum. I do full time youth ministry in the Church as well as speaking at various youth and young adult events (jamiecleaton.com). My wife runs her own Arbonne network marketing business from home as well as be a full time BA Mom. Our kids mainly pick their nose and eat Mac N Cheese full time. Quite simply, we love the Lord and His Church, love each other and our kids, and we also love fashion and ministry. So here we are designing clothing, inspiring our culture with truth, and having fun all at the same time.


-Jamie, Grace, Cyrus, Eliana and Claira Cleaton


It all started with a few questions…

It all started with a few questions…


What point does Christian clothing play? Should it be evangelizing or leading to the evangelizing? Can it be stylish, comfortable, and yet serve a greater purpose?


Answering these questions led us to throw down some sketches one evening in our San Diego home. Here, Our first company PARADOX Clothing was born. One year later, we broadened our vision and closed in on our mission and formed PARADIGM clothing.

Really I saw an opportunity that the clothes we wear could lead to conversations. What is the point of wearing a Christian shirt to a Christian event? It’s kind of like putting on your bowling shirt to go bowling. You know, you’ve got your golfing shirt to go golfing. So people were throwing on their "Christian shirt" to go "Christianing". Is that what Christian clothing should be? I also felt like it was cheap to think that a shirt could evangelize someone. I wanted the person wearing the shirt to be the evangelizer, and the shirt to be the tool that created that opportunity. God is calling deeper into the "New Evangelization" and think a big part of that is both becoming more creative in our work, ministry, and everyday life as well as letting the Gospel message more completely saturate all that we are and all that we do. This includes our fashion, our words, our hobbies, our jobs, our food...I MEAN EVERYTHING. 


“Whatever you do, do it all for the glory of God”

I Corinthians 10:31



We Are Not Just Hipsters

The triangle or pyramid is not just our attempt to be hipsters, rather the symbol holds quite a bit of meaning for a Christian. A pyramid stands rooted with two corners on the ground and one pointed directly up. Because of this when one stands at the base of a pyramid your attention automatically moves up to the heavens and away from the pyramid. As Christians we live on earth, but our lives should point up to something greater. When people see the conviction with which we live, the passion with which we speak, and the love we have in our hearts - their attention should be raised to the heavens. When we live as we ought to, people should see God.



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